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2017 City of Cook Special Archery Deer Hunt

Hunt Plan:
  • The City of Cook will implement its' 5th archery deer hunt in Fall 2017
  • Focus will be antlerless deer harvest to continue thinning of the local population
  • The archery hunt was approved by the City Council in May 2017
  • Hunters must possess a 2017 MN archery deer license
  • Hunt area = Approximately 1450 acres.
  • Season length is 90-day special archery deer hunt running concurrently with northeast Minnesota's 2017 archery season.
  • Season Dates for 2017 will be September 16 to December 31.
  • Up to 25 archery hunters (Drawing if necessary).
  • Bag Limit = 5 either sex deer + 4 bonus antlerless (doe) tags.
  • Hunt boundaries are the City of Cook city limits as out-lined on the official hunt map.
  • Some areas closed for safety concerns.
  • No crossbows for safety concerns.
  • Private property. Need landowner permission.
  • Cost is $20.00
  • Application deadline is noon on August 24th
  • Implement a cost- effective, safe strategy to reduce deer population for the long term.
  • Reduce the potential for disease for both people (Lyme's) and deer (CWD, TB) due to over population
  • Increase hunting pressure on antlerless deer to decrease reproduction.
  • Reduce vehicle collisions and property damage
  • Reduce garden, tree and shrub damage
  • Disperse deer concentrations within the Cook City limits
  • Reduce the “Refuge Effect”-Movement of deer into town during firearms season.
  • Reducing antlerless deer on small, private ownership
  • Gaining hunting access to private land
  • Population reduction takes time.
  • Artificial feeding concentrates deer in closed areas.
  • Artificial feeding and mild winters increases fawn production
  • Neighboring property owners may have differing viewpoints.
  • Hunting pressure increases difficulty of harvesting deer

Application: Any licensed archery (no crossbows) hunter may sign up by mail or in person at:

Cook City Hall
Attn: Theresa Martinson
127 S. River St
P.O. Box 155
Cook, MN 55723-0155
Phone: 218/666-2200

Deadline: Thursday August 24 (12:00 Noon) Drawing 1:00 PM
Successful applicants: Validation letters mailed Thusrday August 24
Entry Fee: $20.00 (Make check payable to "City of Cook")
Limit: 25 Hunters maximum
Hunter Orientation: September 6th 6:30 pm at the Community Center
Deer Registration: Cook Country Store and Cook Lucky 7, on Hwy 53
Use Deer Special Permit Area: = 993 (No Permit Area 177)
Licenses: Purchase your 2017 Minnesota Archery Deer license and bonus permit, prior to hunting, at any ELS vendor. No special license required.

Hunters may contact the following individuals with any questions or concerns:

Conservation Officer
John Velsvaag

Tom Rusch

pdf Download the Hunting Map 1
pdf Download the Hunting Map 2

City of Cook Bow Hunt pdf Download the Hunting Map