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127 S. River Street | P.O. Box 155 | Cook Minnesota, 55723
o 218.666.2200
Official Newspaper
Cook News Herald  
Official Depositories
American Bank
Cook Area Credit Union
First National Bank
City Attorney
Mark Weir
Criminal City Attorney
Mike Kearney
Acting Mayor
Karen Hollanitsch  
Airport Commission
Karen Hollanitsch - Chair
Linda Flack - Vice Chair
Dave Bowser
Earl Grano
Dale Gustafson

Jack Jordan
Jack Schelde
Stephen Towle (Alt. Pam Towle)

Gary Albertson
Bill Conger
Thor Pakosz
Ambulance Association Representative
Karen Hollanitsch Alt: Jody Bixby
Beautification / Parks Committee
Karen Hollanitsch - Chair
Shona McCue - Secretary
Elizabeth Storm
Sara Niska
Lois Pajari
Donna Snyder
Cemetery Board
Darrel Lindgren Elizabeth Storm
Emergency Preparedness/Bio-Terrorism/Safety
Elizabeth Storm - Chair
Karen Hollanitsch
Debbie Lindgren/Randy Olson
Tim Mankowski - Appointee
Arnie P. Johnson/Brian Gramling
Theresa Martinson
Bud Ranta/Don Flack
Ernie Seppala/Jim Prepodnik
Crystal Phillips
Jim Gray
HRA (Housing and Redevelopment Authority)
Brian Gramling - Chair (2017)
Karen Lind (2020)
Tim Mankowski (2016)
Karen Hollanitsch (2019)
Lois Trygg (2018)
For information please call: (218) 666-2533
Library Board
Gerald Storm - President
Joann Anderson - Secretary
Sheryl Aune
Norene Butalla
Betty Chos
Bailey Conger
Priscilla Hiipakka
David McCarthy
Kristi Sopoci
Eric Trip
Recreation Committee
Tony Pascuzzi
Jared/Caitlyn Bangs
Julie Burckhardt
Jeannie Taylor
Tom Beaudry
Harold Johnston
Personnel Committee
Karen Hollanitsch Elizabeth Storm
Planning and Zoning Commission
A. Richard Holm - Chair
Harold Johnston
Elizabeth Storm
Dave Danz
Al Vogt
Rural Fire Association Representative
Karen Hollanitsch Alt: Jody Bixby
Weed Inspector
Harold Johnston Alt. Elizabeth Storm
Enforcement Officer
City Administrator or Designee  
  Adopted January 28, 2016



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