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Cook Area Ambulance Service monthly business meetings are held on the first Tuesday of each month at the Cook Fire/Ambulance Hall, 111 2nd St SE, at 6 pm.

A training session is held for all ambulance personnel following each meeting.

Contact the Ambulance Department:
Phone: (218) 666-2866

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Fire Days
Contact Cook EMS Director 218-666-2866 or email
  • Paid volunteers are reimbursed for hours on call and run pay.
  • National level training with opportunities for other special training.
  • On-going monthly training meetings.
  • Work with state of the art equipment.
  • Wanting new first responders and EMTs
  • Pagers and medical bags supplied upon completion of training.
  • We work as a team, you're never alone.
  • Receive training that could help you make a difference in someone's life in the event of a medical emergency.
  • Lake Vermillion Summer residents with or without EMS experience are welcome.
  • Flexible scheduling on-call time.
  • Scholarship opportunities for anyone interested.
Cook Area EMTs
Medical Director
Dr. Nicholas Vidor
Ambulance Director
Christina Rothleutner
Will Fischer
Jessica Graves
Matthew Carlson
Matt Hedblom
Roger Esterby
Jenny Knuth
Jules Long
Diana Klakoski

Nancy Reing
Amy Luecken
Christina Rothleutner
Matthew Hedblom
Dan L. Reing
Mac Reing
Cook Area First Responders
Dan M. Reing
Ivette Reing
Karen Schultz
Cameron Nicholas
Mary Lou Ellison
Teresa Erickson

Fire Department

Cook Fire Department monthly business meetings are held on the first and last Monday of each month at 6:30 pm.

A training session for all Cook Fire Department personnel follows each business meeting.

Contact the Fire Department:
Phone: (218) 666-2866

Fire Department Personnel
Arnie (Pete) Johnson
Assistant Chief
Brian Gramling
Will Fischer Dan Reing
Sam Grahn Bruce Keister
Tim Mankowski Ross Grambling
Karl Green John Babiracki
Tim Picek Lou Gerzin
Shane Johnson Ted Paakonen
Bennett Picek Jon Rothleutner
Emergency Services